We are proud to announce that Soopafly will be working with Dr. Dre for his upcoming album ‘Detox’. Let’s go!

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  1. #1 • SMOKALOT 420 said on August 14 2011:

    Now everybody knows when Dr Dre does a album Soopafly especially is going to have a input somewhere. The keyboard specialist and one of my top producers of all time. With the hottest band,hottest female artist, and a hot ass group (Dubb Union) last but not least Soopafly is part of the hottest crew in the industry!!!!! What!!!!!!! So,its not a shock tht the doctor has @soopaflydpgc blessin his cd@smokalot@smokalot42011

  2. #2 • Soopafan said on August 14 2011:

    Soopafly>>>>Dre the last few years. Soopafly still has the inspiration to produce funky tracks. Dre has no inspiration at all. He’s askin other producers to produce for him these days like Alex da kid and DJ Khalid. Hopefully Soopa can give Dre some inspiration

  3. #3 • J. Diggs said on September 26 2011:

    soopafly your a true legend and the gas of west coast music. You have the talent and power to make the west coast shake again….and again. your resume is remarkable and maybe you can even make your own reality show that gives 5 dope mic’s from the west coast to create a new west movement or like an new N.W.A. not just like them but similar. Or a super group yourself (producing also) xzibit bishop lamont demani bad lucc. All these guys are very talented. And like the dude said before get DRE going because we need him and his power to help the west coast talent shine